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Who is a HOC Resident?
An HOC resident is someone who participates in a HOC program and/or lives in a property owned or managed by HOC.
How do I apply for the HOC/HOP Program?
Fill out a program application or contact HOC’s Homeownership Specialist at (240) 627-9798
Is HOC’s Homeownership Program the same as the MPDU Program?
No - The MPDU Program is a Montgomery County Program, not HOC. If you need information on the MPDU Program call: (240) 777-0311 or go to the website.
How do I find out if HOC has MPDU units for sale?
If HOC’s Homeownership Program has any MPDU units to sell, a letter will be sent to all qualified applicants and a random drawing will be held to determine which applicant(s) can purchase the unit(s).
Can I buy the unit I am renting?
No, in an effort to maintain affordable rental housing in Montgomery County, these units are not sold.
Does HOC Have a Rent to Own Program?
Is the HOC/HOP program located throughout the State of Maryland?
No. All programs through HOC are for properties in Montgomery County only. If you plan to purchase a home in another County, contact that County’s local housing authority for more information on their homeownership programs.
What to do if I am still not sure what to do!

For general information call (240) 627-9798

Other Information
Other Homeownership Programs through HOC